Cater 007 BBQ Platter

1LB Smoked Brisket 10 Andouille Sausage Halves 10 Coconut Cornbread 32oz Baked Beans 16oz Carolina Sauce 1LB Pulled Pig 10 Pcs Grilled Chicken 32oz Creamy Slaw 10 Cajun Corn Cobs 16oz Original BBQ Sauce

Cater Bond Platter

1LB Grilled Chicken 20oz Smoked Brisket 3LBS St. Louis Ribs 10 x Cajun Corn 10-12 servings of Beans 10 Andouille Sausage 1/2’s 20oz Smoked Pulled Pig 10-15 servings of Creamy Slaw 10 x Coconut Cornbread

Cater Po’ Boy BBQ Sammy Platter

10 BBQ Po’ Boy Sammy’s with BBQ Sauce & Pickle (choose from 1/2LB Cheeseburgers, Pulled Pig, Smoked Brisket OR Grilled Chicken Thigh!) 2 Family Sized Beans 2 Family Sized Creamy Slaw