Father’s Day BBQ

Dad’s Day 3 Ways – Do It HIS Way!
Gather Yer Tribe & Let Jane Bring the FLAVOUR for Father’s Day!
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How To Book For

Father’s Day Buffet

PRE-PAY for your buffet by selecting your seating time, and # of meals required. We will book your table accordingly. Add-on bar bevvies or order when seated with our service team. Look forward to in-house giveaways and more fun by your hosts!
**Please note this item is set-up as a ‘pick up’ by default if ordering in Square, disregard the pick-up function you will require to complete, your reservation time will be based on your seating times!
Alternatively you can book a table on Open Table here:
Buffet Includes:

Smoked Brisket, Pulled Pig, St. Louis Ribs, Cajun Corn, Creamy Slaw, Coconut Cornbread, Baked Beans, Louisiana Crawdads + Assorted Southern Desserts.

Takeout or Delivery

Father’s Day Platters

Platter Options:
  • Bond Platter
    2LBS St. Louis Ribs + 1/2LB each: Brisket + Pulled Pig + 1LB Dirty South Chicken Thighs + 2 Andouille Sausage + 4 Cajun Corn + 4 Coconut Cornbread + Family Sized Slaw & Beans!
  • Jane’s Platter
    1LB St. Louis Ribs + 6oz each: Brisket + Pulled Pig + 1/2LB Dirty South Chicken Thighs + 2 Coconut Cornbread + Slaw & Beans!
  • Family Feed Platter
    Andouille Sausage + 6oz each: Brisket + Pulled Pig + 1/2LB Dirty South Chicken Thighs + 2 Coconut Cornbread + 2 Brioche Buns + Slaw & Beans!
Pick-Up or To Yer Door!

Father’s Day Backyard BBQ Feast Kit

Pre-order pick-up or delivery BBQ kits to show off (or practice!) your backyard skills. Then send us videos of your culinary craft on IG @JaneBondBBQ — the best-looking backyard family & feast will win a $500 gift card!

KIT Includes:
  • Shop Jane BBQ Swag Kit
    4 Flavour Shakers, 2 BBQ Sauces, Coconut Cornbread Mix, 4Pack Island
    Sweet Tea, 4LB Smok’d & Sliced Brisket, 5LB Smok’d & Pulled Pig, 3LB
    Smok’d St. Louis Ribs, 5LB Brined B/S Chicken Thighs (Pre-Cooked & Grill

    *Value $449 for just $350*
Gather Your Tribe and Get this feast ready in an hour or less!

Get a large pot of water simmering and drop in each pack of protein for 5 – 10 minutes, then season and grill, saute, or oven for fast and juicy preparation!

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