Delicous!!! Once again, they killed it. Messy Chicken burger smothered in BBQ and tangy slaw. 10/10. Wish I lived closer. Service was also again, 10/10

Stopped in for lunch. Friend ordered the Chicken with fries, I ordered the Pulled Pork and slaw. Lunch special $16.
Lemme say…… my friends meal was soooo good!!!! The fries were crispy and super hot and surprisingly retained their heat and crisp until the very last fry. Like a crispy coating or dip was added before they were fried. Yummy.
The chicken I believe was thighs, and they were perfectly cooked with a smoky, blackened taste. My pulled pork was dry and my slaw wasn’t my taste. I love slaw, and trying places that make their own. Was just too creamy and not as tangy as I like.
We served our meat with their Peach Bbq sauce that was infused with coffee!!! THAT BBQ SAUCE WAS STELLAR. Unfortunately I used 5, little ramekins of it on my pork.
Service was amazing at the counter. Super friendly and informative. 100% going back to eat what my friend ate