I recently tried the $16 lunch special at Jane Bond BBQ, which I picked the PO’ boy brisket sandwich with a side of coleslaw, with a Island Sweet Tea as a drink. Let’s dive into the details!
The star of the meal was undoubtedly the brisket—smoked to perfection with a rich, smoky flavor that was absolutely fantastic. However, the bun was a bit too hard for my taste; a softer bun would have made this sandwich flawless. The coleslaw was another highlight, quite saucy and generously portioned, which I appreciated. My friend opted for the French fries instead of coleslaw, which were crispy and well-cooked, though they reminded us of Costco fries.
Now, onto the drink—sadly, the Islands Sweet Tea was the most disappointing part. It lacked the quality of the original sweet tea I remembered and loved from years back. I’d recommend sticking with a regular soft drink instead.
While the price point of $16 felt a bit steep just for a sandwich and a side, the quality of the brisket could almost justify the cost. Jane Bond BBQ offers a very friendly atmosphere with plenty of seating both indoors and outdoors, ideal for enjoying on a nice day. The service was exceptionally friendly, and the cleanliness was top-notch—from well-kept dining areas to clean utensils and a handy sauce station with little towelettes for sticky fingers.
Overall, Jane Bond BBQ delivers where it counts with their impeccable brisket and welcoming vibe.