Jane’s Diary

Pain Into Super Power

Success has a driver. Always. It doesn’t generally fall into one’s lap. Some common drivers: Money makes money. Inheritance. Aching curiosity. Determination. A deep seated want. Growing up as a...

The Hat Stack of an Entrepreneur

It takes courage and a wild amount of confidence to launch a business, without even getting into the challenges of becoming one of...

Living Wage For Restaurant Entrepreneurs

One of the most demanding, most grueling and severely underpaid industries is being squeezed to sure death by Skip The Dishes, Uber Eats,...

Chef Jenny B’s Jerk’d Coconut Prawns

We love collaborating with local talent and organizations. Check out our promo with Club House Chefs for our Jerk'd Coconut prawns.


Next Monday, September 28 is #NationalDrinkBeerDay, but what does that mean? How do you celebrate in Calgary?

Ricotta Hushpuppies and Vanilla Ice Cream with a Bourbon Caramel Drizzle

Another month, another tasty feature at Calgary’s Southern inspired barbecue joint….with a twist! Jane Bond BBQ is moving our weekly

Thanksgiving Leftovers Hack

This Thanksgiving I’ve got a perfect and very easy recipe hack to use up your leftovers. Turkey dinner stuffed and fried dumplingspaired with

Jane’s Calgary BBQ Attacks

I’ve been testing the waters, sending my folks out to visit y’all and surprise you with FREE BBQ tasters. And dang, is it ever nice to make people

Best Beef Short Ribs Recipe: Mississippi Muddy Porter Short Ribs

Winter makes me think of comfort and coziness, and my short rib recipe might be the best segway into wholesome winter meals. Available all November

To Que, Or Not To Que?

We moved for a chance to grow. We started building our new location on March 6, 2020, right at the start of the Covid Pandemic. We were committed

Challenges Are Snacks

Brisket is one of the most challenging proteins to perfect from preparation, to plate. So, we drove around the Southern USA, taking in technique after