Challenges Are Snacks

Brisket is one of the most challenging proteins to perfect from preparation, to plate. So, we drove around the Southern USA, taking in technique after technique to craft and master this beautiful piece of meat. But, I certainly remember my first many rounds of Brisket being much less so. As a hands-on, self teaching style learner, and toppled with a lengthy low ‘n’ slow smoking process, you can imagine the learning curve.

For many, good enough is good enough. But even as a child, natural curiosity took an insatiable grasp of me. I’m now thankful for the drive it is has cultivated as a stand here on the other side of year 1 of a small business crushing world pandemic. I stand here on the other side a top a Mountain Peak peering around at the other like-minded individuals on their perspective Peaks. I am not sure any of us REALLY knew for sure we would all be here too, after the most risk-packed year for Jane Bond BBQ particularly. It brings back the scenery of the beginning stage of the Hunger Games Arena. So many factors out of our control, vying for survival.

But what WAS in our control? The ability to Invent. Create. Think Outside The Box. And to Never Stop until the path of success opened up. My wife said to me the other day, “remember when our menu was constantly adjusting…and now we have nailed the magic menu to grow with.” Well, the entire business goes through that same process on many levels in order to see constant growth. One thing falling away to make way for a brighter idea.

Getting to watch ideas spring from concept to consumer, is absolutely incredible and every reason why I have forged this journey.

The thing I am just beginning to now grow comfortable with…my relationship with challenges. My belief system until now, as someone who was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, has been extremely fear based. And man that shit will make you RUN (but maybe not in any PARTICULOUR direction always?!). Driven by anxiety and survival, I have come through a journey I can’t even believe is REAL.

Through challenge after challenge, that in each and every moment, felt life threatening

Business threatening.Well, the gratitude I am now able to develop is life saving. The gratitude for a community that has embraced our authenticity and imagination as a brand. Gratitude towards all the supports that have allowed us to be here. But, the thing I have most gratitude for is the shift in my psychology and…

I can now look at challenges like snacks. Eat them, and fuel growth with them because that is their pure purpose. Nutrition rich with depth and universal essence. I have this incredible sense that everything is going to be…way better than ok. It took a long time to achieve this sense of well-being. And now I can comfort that little girl inside who didn’t ever have a chance to feel safeTo

All our Fans and Folks…just remember…Challenges are like Snacks. Know that you can and will come through anything on top if you embrace this too.


Chef. Jenny B.