Jane’s Calgary BBQ Attacks

I’ve been testing the waters, sending my folks out to visit y’all and surprise you with FREE BBQ tasters. And dang, is it ever nice to make people happy and full!

It’s the season of Jane’s BBQ Attacks, where we show up at your office, shop, site, wherever and bring some hot ‘que. Watch out Santa, I’m getting pretty popular ?

What do you get when we show up?! Oh boy, this gets me going – I send my crew out with a Jane’s Sampling Platter full of chicken thigh bits, rib bits, pork belly bits, brisket bits, sauces, chili ‘n’ cheese, some creamy slaw….and OF COURSE, I can’t forget dessert, delicious mini Georgie Peach Cobblers.

Are ya droolin’ yet? Well you will be, check out some peaks of our first couple of BBQ Attacks.

I like to surprise businesses at random, but if you haven’t had my to-die-for meats yet, then give us a follow on Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook and throw us a comment of why we should attack your team next. Who knows, you might just be added to the list.????

And don’t worry, we show up with pre-packaged cutlery, sanitized serving utensils and of course, masks on. Nice and Covid-19 safe!

Can’t wait for an attack? Get catering and experience my meat ..in full size. You can see our catering menu here https://www.janebondbbq.com/bbq-catering-calgary or inquire via email to catering@janebondbbq.com We provide a wide range of meals, whether food truck style or individually prepared BBQ Plates, and extras.

‘Tis the season of treatin’ and eatin’!

Love, Jane ❤️