Thanksgiving Leftovers Hack

This Thanksgiving I’ve got a perfect and very easy recipe hack to use up your leftovers. Turkey dinner stuffed and fried dumplings paired with cranberry sesame soy sauce! Turn all of those leftovers into a fun and tasty appy for the family, or just yourself.

You might be thinking that making dumplings will be extremely difficult, except it’s SO EASY, almost foolproof! You just can’t overstuff them (I know how tempting that might be).

Check out Chef Jenny B whipping them together below, and a printable recipe!

Looking for a dessert to blow your mind and tastebuds? Check out Chef Jenny B’s Ricotta Hushpuppies recipe!

How ever you’re celebrating, be happy, be healthy, and be full.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Love, Jane ❤️

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